Easily creeate interactive 3D models on the web & in AR

Welcome to Virtual Try-Out Studio (VTO Studio), your ultimate tool for crafting industry-standard, web-based 3D model previews with an integrated AR mode. Designed for both the novice and seasoned digital designers, VTO Studio combines cutting-edge technology with simplicity. Drag, drop, click and you’re set to create immersive real-time 3D previews.

Display 3D products, characters, or sculptures as a virtual exhibition, allow viewers to rotate, and zoom-in . Experience it in any mobile or desktop web browser with a link or a QR code, no app required. Have full control over the content shown, update anytime, no coding skills required. 


Build Professional 3D Web
Experiences in Real Time

In a world where advanced technology and simplicity intersect, VTO Studio emerges as the leader. Our platform’s intuitive interface makes designing industry-standard 3D model previews as straightforward as creating a social media post. You can focus on your creative vision, and we’ll handle the rest.

Visualize your experience as you build it. A key feature of VTO Studio is its real-time preview functionality. See how your experiences will look and function in real-time, making it easy to make adjustments and fine-tune their creations. Zero coding required.

Easily Craft Exceptional 3D Experiences!



Interactive elements can transform a great user experience into an unforgettable one. VTO Studio facilitates the integration of hotspots and touch-points that trigger overlay modal windows, enhancing audience engagement with your 3D models.

Our platform supports a wide range of media beyond just 3D models, add images and videos, allowing you to simply drag-and-drop to make  your model interactive


Customizable UI Elements!

We understand that your 3D experiences are not just about the models, but also about the overall user experience. With VTO Studio, you get complete creative freedom over your experiences. 

Customize the header banner to incorporate your logo, adjust the calls-to-action to align with your brand’s aesthetic and objectives, and customize the prompts for AR to guide your user through the journey. Use HTML and CSS to customize the appearance of the experience from the overlays to their content. 

webXR.tools - VTO Header Options
webXR.tools - VTO Call To Action button options
webXRtools - VTO custom CSS

Trusted by the biggest brands to launch memorable, engaging, and discovery driven virtual experiences.


Versatile AR Support

At VTO Studio, we believe in empowering creators with the best tools. Our platform supports both native AR and cross-platform webAR modes, offering flexibility and versatility in creating immersive AR experiences. You can concentrate on your design, free from the technical constraints typically associated with AR implementation.

webxrtools - VTO Render Mode Settings

Apple Device Compatibility

VTO Studio goes the extra mile to enable creators to cater to the unique needs of Apple device users. Our platform supports both USDZ & .reality files, enabling creators to add more compelling and immersive AR experiences for users on Apple devices. 

Don’t have a USDZ file? We’ve got you covered, VTO studio auto generates the USDZ file for you. Whether your project requires one model or multiple ones, we’ve got you covered.

Use Static or Animated

Does your 3D model sit there  looking pretty or does it come to life with animation?

Bring your 3D experiences to life with animated models in VTO Studio. Our platform supports embedded animation, with the option for auto or tap triggers. Animations can either automatically play when the 3D model is loaded, or wait for users to interact with the AR content, creating engaging and interactive experiences.

Optimization and Compatibility

A smooth user experience is non-negotiable and at webXR.tools we recognize that. 
VTO Studio automatically optimizes your models and experiences to ensure efficient processor and memory management.
This ensures a seamless experience across a wide range of desktop and mobile devices, old and new.


Sharing your work should be as simple as creating it. VTO Studio understands this and provides a seamless way to take your creations to the world. Our platform generates a code snippet for your completed VTO experiences, allowing you to easily embed them on your website. Just copy the code, paste it into your website’s HTML, and voila! Your engaging 3D experience is now live and ready to impress. This feature ensures that your immersive experiences are effortlessly integrated into your digital platforms, creating a unified and engaging user journey.Preview how the experience will appear in banner ads

Banner Ads Previewer

For marketers aiming to bring their campaigns to life, VTO Studio offers a specialized banner ads previewer. This feature enables you to preview how your immersive 3D experiences will appear in digital ad spaces. Test, refine, and perfect your experiences in a realistic ad setting before you launch your campaigns. This powerful tool empowers you to create engaging, interactive advertisements that captivate audiences and drive conversions. With VTO Studio, your ads are not just viewed, they’re experienced.

In the realm of 3D digital experiences, Virtual Try-Out Studio stands out as your comprehensive, intuitive, and powerful tool. Whether you’re a seasoned designer seeking advanced customization options, a marketer aiming to craft immersive digital ads, or a business looking to captivate your audience with interactive 3D experiences, VTO Studio has you covered.

Every feature in our platform has been thoughtfully designed and integrated, ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal to bring your 3D visions to life. From our easy-to-use interface and extensive AR support to our unique Apple device compatibility, UI customization, and seamless export and embed functionality, we’ve got all angles covered.

Why just tell when you can show? Why just show when they can experience? Unleash the power of interactive 3D web experiences with Virtual Try-Out Studio today. Ready to transform the way your audience interacts with your brand? Let’s get started with VTO Studio now!

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